A little on us

Happy Hippo Media is an outsourced marketing and website management business that works with clients to increase brand awareness and implement digital sales strategies. Our key focus areas are as follows:

  • Building and maintaining websites
  • Management of social media accounts
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales funnel creation
  • SEO optimisation

We pride ourselves on our forward thinking abilities and continuously adapt our strategies to customer feedback loops with performance based marketing.

Our social media specialties are Facebook and Instagram optimization.

What our customers say

Very happy working with Refine to enhance their brand image and push them through a growth phase of maximizing market share.

Refine Cosmetic Co Jessica Lalicz – Founder 

Blake at Happy Hippo took on our sports brand Positive Movement and nailed the brief. Having a background in fitness and clothing we were eager for him to take charge of our social media accounts. Happy Hippo continue to infuse us with ideas and we are loving the journey!

Positive Movement

Other projects

I’m working with Refine Cosmetic Co to enhance their brand image and unify it across all the platforms. They are currently in a growth phase looking to maximize market share which we are implementing through maximising customer engagement and creating sales funnels through blog posts and landing pages.


The quirky brand One Stop Bong Shop is taking things online with a set goal in mind to focus on rapid growth through partnerships with ambassadors and also through price cutting strategies to disrupt the market and take market share from competition. I am currently building the website and the sales funnel to bring this all to life with his soon to be renamed social media pages.

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